Rick Rabideau 
Turf Wizards is by far the best lawn care company I have ever had. I have used them for three years and my lawn has consistently looked the best it ever has. My grass is thick and green throughout the summer with no brown spots. They don't have a "one treatment fits all" approach. This is the first business I have encountered that treats the lawn with what it needs at the appropriate time.
James Cassells 
Top notch quality, outstanding costumer service!
Joel Myers 
Experts w no upsell
Joe Bailey 
These guys are awesome. I’ve had them about 5 years and they’ve taught me a lot along the way. If you want nice grass, call Turf Wizards! I also love to support local business.
J Bish 
I have been using Turf Wizards since February 2018 and have already seen major improvements to my lawn. My sides/backyard were full of weeds and bare spots, but their Bermuda program for my lawn has everything growing in very nicely. They always leave helpful tips when treating the lawn and for the most part, all I have to do is water, mow and enjoy the lawn. They came out same day to provide the initial estimate and the price is fair considering you will have one of the nicest lawns in the neighborhood. Online payment options are available and the staff is down to earth and accessible. Keep up the good work!