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Every community has something that makes it special. Whether it is a large city, a mid-size suburb, or a small, quaint town, it will have something that makes the residents want to stay, and the visitors want to visit. The unincorporated community of Willow Spring, North Carolina is no exception to the rule. One of the main reasons to come to this area is its nature. Turf Wizards seeks to serve the residents of this area, making their lawns match the overall beauty of their surroundings. Regardless of what type of grass they have, or the size of their property, Turf Wizards is happy to take on the task. We can restore their lawns, and then help them stay at that level.

Historical Places
Despite being an unincorporated community of just 212 people, Willow Spring has two homes that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Turner and Amelia Smith House, which was built circa 1880. Still remaining in impeccable shape, this two-story home received the honor of listing in the year 2005. The Frank and Mary Smith House, which resides on John Adams Road, was built around the same time, and is also a two-story house. It became listed in the year of 2003. Turf Wizards plies its craft on the lawns of many of the surrounding homes that look somewhat similar to these historic places.

The public school children of Willow Spring attend Wake County Public Schools. This county school district contains nearly 160,000 students, and is the largest public school district in the state of North Carolina. Nationally, it is the 15th largest. The only school physically located within the community is Willow Spring Elementary School. To the pride of the residents, this school is one of the very few in the state to be rated a perfect ten by Great Schools. The district has undergone some significant changes in recent years, one of which has been converting a fraction of their schools to year-round schedules.

Small communities like Willow Spring still have standout restaurants. One of them is Stephenson’s Barbecue. It is included in the NCBS Historic Barbecue Trail. Started by a former farmer, Paul Stephenson, in the year 1958, it is best known for its pork, which is its original dish. The meat is slowly cooked over coals, turned, and smoked on the other side for a combined total of 15 to 17 hours. The result is a permeating smoky flavor which has had customers coming back for decades.

The main dessert place in Willow Spring is Sno-Daze, which serves two basic items. Sno-cones, and ice cream. What is so special about the sno-cones at Sno-Daze? They have over 100 flavors, with the option to add cream for a richer experience. New flavors are added on a regular basis. Their 22 flavors of Hershey’s ice cream can be purchased in single, double, or triple scoops, or blended in a milkshake. 

The wetlands, consisting of marshes and swamps, provide ample opportunity for the nature watcher, or someone just looking to retreat to a quiet place. Along with a diverse array of plant and wildlife, you can also visit Black Creek, which is a section of the Neuse River. It winds through the community, adding to the tranquility and beauty of Willow Spring, much like Turf Wizards accomplishes the same by accentuating homes with healthier and thicker lawns.

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