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Towns and cities near the Research Triangle Park have all benefitted from its presence. This is so much the case, that Morrisville has adopted the motto “The heart of the triangle.” Turf Wizards seeks to be the heart of lawn care within this town. We have proven ourselves to be the best qualified to look after lawns on properties both new and old, large and small. Turf Wizards will grow your grass with the same vigor that the Research Triangle Park and hardworking residents have grown this town.

Morrisville gets its name from Jeremiah Morris. It was named in his honor due to his donation of land in the year 1852 where the town now stands. The land was turned over to the North Carolina Railroad, who in turn built a small settlement. The growing railroad attracted more settlers, along with more commerce. 

During the Civil War, the area had a major battle in this location, known as the Battle of Morrisville, which took place during April 13-15, 1865, near the end of the war. It is unknown as to how many casualties resulted, however the Confederate forces under Joseph E. Johnston were forced to retreat in haste, due to them being attacked while attempting to transport supplies to safety. This led to armistice talks, and the beginning of the end of the war.

Ten years later, in 1875, Morrisville received its first charter as a town. In 1933, its charter was dissolved, and finally reincorporated 14 years afterward, in 1947. It has remained an incorporated town ever since. Today, it covers 8.3 square miles, with a scant 0.04 square miles of water. Though it is not very large in terms of area, it does reside in two counties – Wake and Durham. At the 2010 census, Morrisville reported 18,576 people. Just five years later, a 2015 estimate has counted 23,820. Since the 1990 census of just 1,022 people, Morrisville’s population has grown over 23 times.

Business and Economy
A large part of Morrisville’s recent growth from a remote community to a mid-sized suburb has been its proximity to the Research Triangle Park, which is the largest research park in the world. The number of businesses stemming from the creation of the Raleigh-Durham-Cary investment that now covers over 7,000 acres, and contains over 200 businesses. Over 60,000 people are now employed there, and many of them have moved to the surrounding suburbs such as Morrisville. As the people have come to advance research and development, Turf Wizards has come to advance their lawns, and hence their property value.

Two major companies that are based within the town itself are the computer software giant Oracle, and is home to the USA headquarters of Lenovo, which is a computer hardware and software manufacturer, as well as smartphones and electronic storage devices.

Morrisville has a small downtown area with small, locally owned service businesses similar to Turf Wizards, as well as restaurants and retail stores.

There are several named parks in the town of Morrisville, as well as the Luther Green Community Center. Some of these parks serve as the site for several youth sports leagues, while others are focused towards a variety of athletic and passive recreation, with some diverse enough to have both options available. The Morrisville Community Park also contains the Hatcher Creek greenway. Shiloh Greenway, the other of its kind in the town, stretches 1.7 miles winding north to south. One of every 10 residents can walk to the Shiloh greenway, which enables walkers and cyclists to observe the beauty of their town at leisure.

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