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Aeration Apex NC

In the realm of lawn care, the average person will obviously understand the importance of adequate water and sunlight. Most people will also know the need to periodically apply fertilizer to the grass to fortify nutrients that may be lacking in the soil. However, there is another important aspect of turf care that some may not think of. Yet it is equally crucial, because without it, much of the water and fertilizer will end up not reaching the roots of the grass. We are speaking of course, of aeration. This should be done at least once per year. For anyone living in the surrounding region of Apex, Turf Wizards would be happy to serve you in this vital lawn care service.

As time goes on, rainfall, lawn use, and a variety of other factors will cause the soil to compact together. When soil is packed too tightly, it makes it more difficult for the water and nutrients to penetrate through and get to the deep root area. More of the fertilizer and water will end up running off. So while the very surface of the soil may be damp, it will actually be quite dry inches below at the root.

Core Aeration
There are two basic types of aeration. Spike aeration is performed exactly as it sounds, by spiking holes into the soil. While it succeeds in opening up holes, it also makes the soil more compact in the immediate areas around the spiked hole, because it merely pushes the soil to the side.

With core aeration, plugs are removed from the soil and laid back loosely on top. While this may look unattractive for a few days, rain or the next mowing will disperse the plugs back onto the surface. The act of taking plugs out makes more room for the remaining soil to fall together, providing a much more uniform loosening.

The thicker your lawn, the more naturally weed resistant it will be, as more grass per unit of space means less room for weeds to implant themselves in between. This is accomplished by overseeding following the aeration of your turf, filling the holes with our batch of new quality seed, making your lawn stronger with each passing year.

Fescue Turf
If your yard has fescue turf, aeration is even more critical than with the warm season species. Timing is equally important. Fescue turf absolutely must be aerated in the autumn. During the stress of the summer temperatures, fescue is more vulnerable to having patches die and thin out. Unlike the warm season species, fescue is not invasive. It will not spread back on its own, leaving the area thin until the intervention of Turf Wizards. That is why the subsequent overseeding of the lawn is especially critical for properties with fescue turf. Spring and fall, with their moderated temperatures, are the times when the grass grows most rapidly. That gives the new seed ripe conditions to sprout.

Year after year, new cultivations of fescue are made that are more drought and disease resistant, and they also fare better in the shade. We use a blend of three types.

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Don’t let your lawn go an entire year without aeration. We want your grass to completely absorb our lawn fertilization products, and that can only happen with inviting soil conditions. Our aeration technique, followed by our latest and strongest seeding will leave your lawn greener and thicker. Serving the Apex area, call or email us today for more information.

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